Career Coaching

Careers byMuthoni offers individual and group career consultancy catering to a specific demographic which includes high school students, ex-candidates, college students and fresh graduates.

For High School Students

We guide them on choosing careers by providing them with information about various careers, the requirements to pursue such careers and equipping them with skills to identify careers that are compatible with them. 

By doing this, we seek to enhance career literacy amongst teenagers to make sure students don’t end up in tertiary institutions pursuing careers they know little about or are incompatible with. 

By sensitizing teenagers about less popular yet highly marketable careers, we hope to have them shift from the popularized careers that are flooded with graduates struggling to get employment opportunities.

For Ex Candidates

We guide them on career  available to them according to their high school performance. We help them identify institutions that offer such careers. 

We guide them on education funding and scholarships options. 

We sensitize them on how to be marketable in their careers and prepare them for the job market.

For Students in higher learning Institutions and fresh Graduates..

We counsel them on career pathing by enlightening them on how to be marketable in their careers.

We also prepare them for the labor market through our trainings.

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